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First Super Superannuation 1
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Super and the Age Pension

In an ideal world, you would have enough superannuation savings to see you more than comfortably through your retirement.

However, not everyone can fully fund their own retirement. The Australian Government recognises this, and offers the Age Pension as a supplement to your retirement income.

The aim is that the Age Pension will make up any shortfall in your income. It is considered the minimum amount you can live on; it is not designed to fund a comfortable retirement lifestyle in and of itself.

How does it work?

The qualifying age for the Age Pension is currently 65. This will change in increments between 1 July 2017 and 30 June 2023. From 1 July 2023, the qualifying age will be 67.

The Age Pension is means-tested to ensure that payments go to those who need them. Most people will be eligible for a full or part Age Pension, even if they receive superannuation benefits.

To qualify for the Age Pension, whether in full or in part, you must meet the requirements of both an assets test and an income test.

You will receive the smaller of the two pensions generated by applying these tests.

The Age Pension forms part of your taxable income. However, if it is your only source of retirement income, you will pay no tax. If you’re on the Age Pension, you also receive health benefits and reduced charges on rates, telephones, gas and electricity, car registration and public transport.

For more detailed information about the Age Pension, including the appropriate thresholds and other government benefits, contact Centrelink.

We’re here to help. So let’s talk.

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