Open an award winning TTR and Retirement income account - Superratings Gold 2023 pension
Open an award winning TTR and Retirement income account - Superratings Gold 2023 pension
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Open a TTR or Retirement Income account

Choosing who should support you in your retirement journey is a big decision.

First Super manages over $4 billion in retirement savings of over 50,000 members. It’s a responsibility we take seriously and we would be honoured to partner with you too.

Flexibility and control

A First Super Transition to Retirement (TTR) account can be a fantastic way to ease into retirement.

When you’re ready to fully retire, a First Super Retirement Income account also offers you peace of mind, throughout retirement.

Whether you decide to set up a TTR or fully retire, a First Super TTR / Retirement Income account allows you to choose how often you receive payments, how much you receive and how your money is invested.

With a Retirement Income account, if you need to access your money you can withdraw lump sums or convert the balance back into super at any time. You simply tell us what you’d like, and we’ll work hard to make it happen.

When can you open a TTR or Retirement Income account?

You can open an account for either if you:

  • have reached Preservation Age
  • are over age 65 or over
  • for TTR, you have reached preservation age and are still working
  • have an approved Total and Permanent Disablement (TPD) claim

How to open a First Super TTR or Retirement income account

1. Read Your Retirement Income Product Disclosure Statement (PDS)

Whether you’re opening a TTR account in the lead up to your retirement or fully retiring with a Retirement Income account, we have all the information you need in the Your Retirement PDS.

Read through the PDS and call us on 1300 360 988 if you have any questions.

2. Consider advice that’s right for you

Deciding how to manage your retirement savings is a big deal. Making sure your future is set up correctly is important.

As a First Super member you have access to a team of financial planners who can guide you through, super and Age Pension and the set-up of your TTR strategy or Retirement Income account.

This allows you to maximise your retirement savings and enjoy your retirement. There’s no extra cost to you, so call us on 1300 360 988 or request an appointment online.

3. Complete the Application Form

The application form will ask you to choose your type of account (TTR or Retirement), payment amount and frequency, investment choice and beneficiary details.

Remember to complete all sections and make sure you’ve provided the correct details.

Sign and date the form before returning it to us.

4. Return your completed forms

Email your documents to us.

Or post to:

First Super
PO Box 666
Carlton South, VIC, 3053

Once we receive your completed documents, we’ll set up your account and send you a welcome letter.

Can we post you a copy?

If you would prefer to receive the Your Retirement PDS and Application form by mail, complete the form below and we’ll post you everything you need.

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Please also include the following items:

We’re here to help. So let’s talk.

If you have any other questions, please  call our Member Services Team on 1300 360 988, or email us.