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Advice at any age

At First Super we put members first. You are our priority, together with making the most of your retirement savings.

This is why we offer many financial advice services, at no extra cost. So be sure to make the most of your First Super membership benefits, by making an appointment today with one of our financial planners.

Keeping super simple

We understand super is complex, trust us, we know! However, our aim is to make it easier for you.

Knowing what to focus on at each stage in your life can be overwhelming, so we’ll break it down for you and guide you through what areas you can focus on.

In your 20s

As you’re starting your working life, it’s important to get your super set up correctly for a cracking start.

We can breakdown what you need to focus on in the early stages, including:

  • Investment choice
  • Contributions
  • Insurance cover
  • Online access

Best of all when we provide you with advice on your First Super account, there’s no extra cost to you.

So, give us a call on 1300 360 988 to find out how we can help get your super off to a flying start.

In your 30s

You experience much personal growth in your 30s, so it’s good to know your super is working as hard as you are.

You may be looking to buy a new house, get married or expand your family, all of which can have a significant impact on your finances. We can assist you with:

  • Combining your super
  • Adjusting your insurance
  • Using super to save a deposit for your first home (FHSSS)
  • Answer any financial questions you have at this age.

It’s also a good time to check your investment strategy is working for you, your beneficiary information is up to date and you’ve done a super health check.

In your 40s

Many people change jobs around this age to achieve a more balanced lifestyle. Priorities become more family focused and superannuation often takes a back seat.

However, we can keep you on track with:

  • Managing your super contributions
  • Assessing your insurance needs
  • Ensuring both you and your partner are on track with your super savings by doing a super health check.

Book a Super Health Check

In your 50s

Managing your finances takes on more importance in this stage. You’ve worked hard to build up your super, so it’s important to make sure it’s working hard for you.

Now is a good time to review:

  • Your investment choice
  • Develop an extra contributions strategy
  • Check your beneficiary nominations are still relevant and up to date

Request a super or retirement health check so we can maximise your retirement savings and possibly reduce your income tax. We can include your spouse or partner even if their super is elsewhere.

In your 60s

You’ve done the hard yards and the freedom of retirement is in sight. Before you get there it’s important to check in and see how your super is tracking. Now is the time to put strategies in place for one final boost to your super before you retire.

Your early 60s is a great time to complete:

We can work with you and your spouse or partner to develop a combined retirement plan.

70 and over

Now you’re settled in retirement, retirement isn’t a ‘set and forget’ scenario. It’s important to keep track of finances and check your Retirement Income account is working hard to fund your retirement lifestyle.

With rules around pensions, the Age Pension and investments always changing, it’s smart to check in with our financial planning team to make sure you’re up to date with any changes and ensure you’re maximising your finances.

We can also check if your super is going to last as long as expected or if you can draw down more from your super.

How our advice team can help

No matter how big or small your questions are, we can help you. From simple questions over the phone, through to detailed questions answered in an appointment or online meeting, everyone can access our services.

Most of the advice we provide is included in your First Super membership fees.

If you have any questions, simply call our Member Services  on 1300 360 988, or email us.