First Super Financial advice - we put you first
First Super Financial advice - we put you first
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Financial Advice

Financial advice isn’t just for the wealthy. We’re here to help all our members grow and maximise their retirement savings.

As a First Super member you have access to a range of financial advice services, many of which are already included in your membership fees, so there’s no additional cost to you. It’s a benefit not offered by many other super funds.

We pride ourselves on offering an industry-leading, high-quality financial advice service. We take the time to get to know you and what you want to achieve, then we work together to make it happen.

No matter how small or large your balance is, everyone can benefit with financial advice.



Financial advice options

From general advice through to detailed personal advice, we offer a range of services – including a Super Health Check, advice on insurance, contributions and how to use your super in retirement with the Age Pension.

Many of our financial planning services are at no extra cost to you, so make the most of your member benefits today and find out what options are right for you.


Advice at any age

Financial advice can be beneficial at any age. Whether you’re starting a new job, growing your family or wanting to maximise your super before you retire and manage your super in retirement, we can help.

It’s never too early, or too late to seek advice. Even if you’re about to retire, we can help.


Meet the team

Meet our team of highly-qualified financial planners. They work with First Super members across the country, to maximise their retirement savings.

Find out how they change members’ lives and what they enjoy most about providing financial advice.

How healthy is your super?

Do you know how your super is tracking or how much you’ll need to retire?

Speak with one of our qualified financial planners to find out.

Super Health Check

A Super Health Check can help work out if your super is on track with your retirement objective and you’re making the most of your super savings.

Retirement Health Check

If you’re close to retirement, a Retirement Health Check should be the first step when planning your retirement.

We’re ready to help

No question is too big or too small. Call us on 1300 360 988, to arrange an appointment today or request an appointment online.