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Local Member and Employer Services Coordinators

To book a meeting with your Member and Employer Services Coordinator contact our Member Services Team on 1300 360 988 or email mail@firstsuper.com.au.

Eric Thomson - Member and Employer Services Coordinators Manager

Email: eric.thomson@firstsuper.com.au
Mobile: 0452 437 824
Authorised representative number: 1265495

Franca Bebbere

Region: Supporting small businesses across Victoria. Provides member and employer services in Tasmania.
Email: f.bebbere@firstsuper.com.au
Mobile: 0490 537 871
Authorised representative number: 1276957

Adele Rutter

Region: Sydney Metro West and South West, NSW Illawarra South East Coast, Wollongong and Central NSW
Email: adele.rutter@firstsuper.com.au
Mobile: 0491 147 249
Authorised representative number: 1277539

Melissa Dundas

Region: Queensland and Northern NSW - Port Macquarie to QLD Boarder, West to Tamworth, Armidale & Moree
Email: melissa.dundas@firstsuper.com.au
Mobile: 0436 189 785
Authorised representative number: 1268048

Stephen Gooley

Region: ACT and Southern NSW - South West Slopes, Wagga, Albury, far South East Coast and Central West NSW
Email: stephen.gooley@firstsuper.com.au
Mobile: 0436 305 820
Authorised representative number: 1268155

Jackie Weston

Region: Adelaide and Central SA
Email: jackie.weston@firstsuper.com.au
Mobile: 0411 883 759
Authorised representative number: 335809

Jo Podobnik

Region: Greater Green Triangle, Mount Gambier, South East SA and Western VIC
Email: joanne.podobnik@firstsuper.com.au
Mobile: 0417 136 594
Authorised representative number: 452015

Sharlene Jamieson

Region: Sydney Metro, NSW Central Coast, Newcastle and Hunter Region to Taree
Email: sharlene.jamieson@firstsuper.com.au
Mobile: 0429 902 161
Authorised Representative number: 1299695

Lou Stepanoski

Region: Western Australia. Northeast & Eastern Metro Melbourne, North and Northeast Regional Victoria and Gippsland. A KiwiSaver specialist
Email: lou.stepanoski@firstsuper.com.au
Mobile: 0439 661 770
Authorised Representative number: 1301590

Jeremy Emana

Region: Western and Northwestern Metro Melbourne, Southern Metro Melbourne & Geelong, Ballarat and surrounding area. A KiwiSaver specialist
Email: jeremy.emana@firstsuper.com.au
Mobile: 0457 137 788
Authorised Representative number: 001258560