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Fees & Costs

First Super is run only to benefit members. We’re committed to keeping fees low, as lower fees and strong investment performance adds up over time to make a big difference to your super balance. Our competitive fee structure applies to both super and pension accounts.

The table below shows fees and other costs that you may be charged as a First Super superannuation member. These fees and other costs may be deducted from your account, the returns on your investment, or the assets of the superannuation fund as a whole.

Here’s an example of the average annual cost for a $50,000 super balance in our Balanced (My Super) investment option:

Balanced Products
(MySuper investment option)
Fees for a $50,000 balance
Investment fee – 0.63% $315p.a.
Administration fees
$1.87 per week
+ 0.18% of account balance
+ 0.02% of account balance


$97.24 p.a.
$90 p.a.
$10 p.a. 

Total admin fees $197.24

Indirect costs – 0.04% $20
Total costs  $532.24#

#Additional fees may apply. 

We may also charge other fees, such as activity fees, advice fees for personal advice and insurance fees, but these will depend on the activity, advice or insurance you choose.

We do not charge joining or exit fees.

You should read all the information about fees and other costs because it is important to understand their impact on your investment over time.

Checking fees

To see the impact of fees based on your circumstances, use the www.moneysmart.gov.au – superannuation calculator and compare costs.

Investment fees

Administration fee1

Buy-sell spread

Switching fee

Advice fees

Indirect cost ratio

Low balance1 account fee cap

Other fees and costs