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First Super Employer 2
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Workplace visits


We can bring super to your workplace – support for you and your business

We have a team of Coordinators who live and work around the country helping our employers and members wherever they are.

Our Coordinators provide practical and professional help with all things super. And because they’re part of your community, they understand you and your business concerns and needs.

Super education for your staff

Besides helping you manage your superannuation responsibilities, our team can also help your staff.

Your local Coordinator can help you with managing your staff’s superannuation. They can help with the paperwork, answer questions, and be your point of contact for anything to do with First Super or superannuation more generally.

They can inform, inspire, and advise your staff, giving them the tools to make the best possible decisions for their future retirement.

Our Coordinators can do one-on-one visits – either during work or outside of work hours – and can run workplace education seminars. The seminars can be attended by any of your team – they don’t have to be a First Super member.

Our seminars cover:

  • How much super is needed for a comfortable retirement
  • Simple ideas for boosting superannuation balances
  • First Super’s investment options and what they mean
  • First Super’s insurance options and how they can help your employees

Plus anything else super-related you would like to include!

WE’RE HERE TO HELP. So, get in touch.

If you have any questions, please call our Employer Services Team on 1300 943 171 or request a call back from a business specialist.

First Super Local Coordinators and Member Services Team can provide general advice only.