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Support in retirement

Once you retire, our partnership together grows stronger. We’re here for your retirement journey, every step of the way.

Partners for life

We enjoy helping our members throughout their retirement. After all we’ve partnered with you to grow your super savings; it makes sense to stick together through the fun parts too.

During retirement your circumstances or financial goals may change; and we’re always here to help. Our financial planning team can help you at any point.

In most cases, if the advice you require is related purely to your First Super TTR or Retirement Income account, then there’s no additional cost to you.

Our support, we can:

  • Complete a Retirement Health Check for you and your spouse / partner
  • Help you choose your investment options
  • Help you understand the general rules and eligibility requirements for the Age Pension
  • Help you with any questions you have with your First Super superannuation, TTR or Retirement income account.

Comprehensive Financial Advice services when you need it

Most of our members get all the information they need from a Retirement Health Check.

However, if you have more detailed questions about your own eligibility for the Age Pension or how to maximise your Age Pension payments, then you can benefit from our more comprehensive financial advice services.

Should you require a comprehensive financial plan, then we can talk through what’s involved before we get started.

We put our members first

We pride ourselves on putting members first and recognise that honesty and transparency is of the utmost importance.

Our financial planning team are highly qualified employees who earn a salary, they don’t receive any additional remuneration such as commissions, incentive payments or rewards.

So, you can rest assured the advice they give you is definitely in your best interests, not theirs.

If at any point throughout retirement you have questions arise, give us a call.

We love to chat about all things retirement related, so give us a call on 1300 360 988 to arrange a consultation whenever you need.

Continued support through different stages of retirement

You spend years building up to your retirement, picturing days spent with friends and family, hiking in the countryside or visiting picture-perfect, golden beaches. As idyllic as it sounds in reality this won’t be your whole retirement. There are many stages and everyone’s retirement journey is different.

Active phase

Arguably the ultimate phase! You have a newfound abundance of free time to spend as you wish. There’s nobody telling you what to do and you’re still active enough to enjoy all the things you’ve been dreaming of in retirement.

In this phase you focus on hobbies, travel, spending time with friends and family, or caring for grandchildren. Some people even decide to volunteer or return to part-time work as retirement is too much of a change and they miss the camaraderie of working.

During the active phase it’s important to strike a balance between enjoying the spoils of retirement and maintaining financial stability. Don’t forget to budget sensibly to make sure you are financially secure throughout retirement.

No matter what you want to achieve out of this phase, we can help you to make it happen by ensuring your finances are in good stead to make your retirement dreams come true.

Passive phase

In the passive phase you find yourself moving from the adventurous, active phase to a more mindful, measured phase of life. Basically, you choose to slow down and focus more on health and wellbeing.

Staying active through regular exercise becomes more of a focus, as does the need for medical appointments to maintain a healthy, fulfilling lifestyle.

Social connections can be very important during this phase, with an increased focus on clubs and community groups. Many retirees find themselves taking up study or learning a new creative hobby during this phase. It provides mindfulness, a creative outlet and social connection.

During the passive phase your financial priorities may change. It’s a good time to check in with each other again and review your Retirement Income account and Age Pension entitlements.

We can help you by checking whether you are accessing all the Government benefits you may be entitled to. You’ll also have gained a better idea of what the coming years may entail, and what type of financial support you need to plan for in the next phase.

Aged care

The latter stages of retirement are focused on health, care and support. The life of retirees in the last stage of retirement may slow down considerably, especially if mobility becomes an issue.

The focus shifts from community connection, to support. At this stage retirees often become more reliant on family to help them navigate the demands of life. The need for support becomes more evident, whether this be at home with a carer or in the hands of trusted professionals at a care facility.

The focus of your finances shifts from entertainment to medical support. Advice about navigating aged care is often needed.

As the need for specialised care grows, together with rising healthcare costs, careful management of finances at this stage is critical to cover medical expenses and preserve quality of life.

At this point we can continue to support you by making adjustments to your retirement account, and ensuring you maximise your Age Pension entitlement together with any other Government entitlements.

We can also refer you to our network of retirement specialists including aged-care advisers and estate planners.

We’re here when you need us

The key to retirement is flexibility, being able to adapt as your circumstances or plans change. We can help you revisit your finances and retirement income at any stage. Whenever you need to chat, please give us a call on 1300 360 988, we’re here to help.