Retire with a top performing fund
Retire with a top performing fund
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Why retire with us?

Established over 15 years ago to meet the retirement needs of the furniture, pulp, paper and timber industries, First Super has grown to be a well-respected, competitive, industry super fund.

With over 50,000 members based mainly in regional areas across the country, First Super membership is now open to all Australians and KiwiSavers.

From the day you join First Super, to us you’re a member for life. We help you grow your hard-earned super savings, plan your retirement path and journey through retirement together. We aim to be with you every step of the way, as your trusted super fund.

Benefits of First Super

  • We’ve grown with you to build your super savings
  • SuperRatings Gold 2023 Pension
  • First Super manages $4 billion in retirement savings
  • Over 50,000 Australians enjoy the benefits of First Super membership
  • We support the needs of regional Australians, across the country
  • We’ve helped hundreds of Australians throughout their retirement
  • Well-respected industry fund, run only to benefit our members
  • Strong performing retirement solutions
First Super Jo coordinator with First Super Member Jill

First Super Retirement products

If you are thinking about retirement or are about to retire, find out how you can make your super savings go further with our retirement income products.


Why choose First Super for your retirement?


Competitive fees

With no entry or exit fees, and a competitive administration fee that includes member perks such as access to financial advice and more.

Strong performance

With a history of strong investment performance, First Super works hard to provide returns that outperform the average1.

Investment flexibility

Choose from a diverse range of investment options to help grow your savings in retirement.

Financial advice

Most personal financial advice is included in your membership. Comprehensive financial advice is available should you choose this option. See what we offer.

Nominate a beneficiary

Nominate loved ones to receive your ongoing retirement payments if you pass away. Learn more.

Members first

Choose from a diverse range of investment options to help grow your savings in retirement.

Starting to plan your retirement?

Get a Retirement Health Check with one of our Financial Planners. No additional cost as its included in your membership. We can include your spouse / partner too even if their super is elsewhere.

First Super financial planning team

We’re here to help, so let’s talk

Our Member Services Team really enjoy talking with members about super and retirement. So, if you have any questions about First Super, we’re ready to help. Call 1300 360 988 or send us an email.

1Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance.