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How is my super invested?

Our goal

Our goal is to deliver strong investment returns over time so our members can achieve a sustainable and dignified retirement.

Our vision and approach

We invest for the long term, aiming to grow members’ super over their working life, while protecting their savings.

We do this by setting performance objectives for each of our investment options that seek to balance risk versus reward, and by constantly monitoring economic and investment conditions.

As active investors, we appoint active investment managers to look for opportunities to outperform the market and generate additional returns. We also use index managers who use passive strategies.

How we invest your super

First Super’s Board approves investment strategy, sets investment objectives for all investment options and appoints investment managers. We employ the services of an asset consultant, Frontier Advisors, to advise on investment strategy, investment risk and strategic asset allocation. They also recommend investment managers to implement our investment strategy. Once those managers are appointed, Frontier monitors their performance as does our Investment Committee.

As a member, you should know that your super contributions are invested in a wide range of asset classes, both within Australia and around the world. These include:

  • Shares/equities
  • Property
  • Infrastructure
  • Cash, bonds and fixed income
  • And more.

By spreading your money across different asset classes, we increase the likelihood of strong returns for your super. This is because weak performance in one asset type can be offset by positive performance from another asset.

If you have selected the Cash investment option, it is only invested in term deposits and liquid cash and none of the other asset classes above.

Choosing your investments

As a member, you can decide where your super is invested by choosing one or a combination of First Super’s five investment options.


With your First Super membership, you can get advice about your investment options at no extra cost. It’s all part of our service to you. Call us today on 1300 360 988 or email us.