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Meet the Financial Advice Team

At First Super, we have Financial Advice Team^ who offer Personal Advice to help you make the most of your super.

Our authorised Financial Planners will collect relevant information about your objective (goal) and personal and financial situation at an initial meeting. This will form the basis of the recommendations tailored to your personal circumstances provided within the Statement of Advice.

Andrew Jewell

Executive Manager, Financial Advice and Education
Qualifications: Graduate Diploma - Financial Planning, Bachelor of Business (Marketing)
Authorised representative number: 1250959

Jayson Bruce

Financial Planner
Qualifications: Bachelor of Business (Accounting, Banking and Finance) and Advanced Diploma of Financial Planning
Authorised representative number: 1271145

Peter Pallis

Financial Planner
Qualifications: Advanced Diploma of Financial Planning
Authorised representative number: 1248484

Types of personal advice

Our Financial Planners are authorised to provide two types of Personal Advice.

Limited (intrafund) advice

This is personal financial advice on strategies that relate to your First Super account only. It can include advice on:

  • your investment strategy
  • levels of contributions
  • the type of insurance cover you have with First Super
  • Transition to Retirement
  • stepping into retirement.

There is no additional cost for this type of personal advice, as it forms part of service fees you already pay as a member (see our PDS for further information).

Comprehensive personal advice

This advice covers, in addition to the above, strategies such as:

  • those for a couple
  • super and investments held in addition to your First Super account
  • debt management
  • maximising Centrelink benefits and allowances.

As this advice goes further than matters relating to your First Super account only, we charge a fee for this service. Your First Super Financial Planner will provide you with an upfront cost for the advice required at the initial meeting, without any obligation to proceed.

Your planner will then work with you to identify your financial goals before tailoring a financial plan to your personal situation and needs.

No matter what stage of life you’re at, how much money you have or what your goals might be, our Financial Advice Team^ is here to help.


^Financial advice will be provided by or through Industry Fund Services Limited (ABN 54 007 016 195, AFSL 232514) and may be free of charge to you.