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Employer and industry associations

First Super is an industry super fund for all Australians, but we have particularly strong links to the timber industry, the pulp and paper industry, and the furniture and joinery industry.

There are a number of employer and industry associations working hard to promote and grow these industries.

Here, you can learn a little more about them and contact them for further information.

TTIA logo

The Timber Trade Industrial Association (TTIA)

TTIA provides practical help for people starting up their own business and for those looking to expand established operations in the forest and forest products industry. TTIA is an independent, non-profit, federally registered employer organisation. To learn more about TTIA, please visit their website ttia.asn.au or call them on (02) 9264 0011.


The Victorian Association of Forest Industries (VAFI)

VAFI is the peak industry body for the native hardwood processing industry in Victoria. Their vision is to ensure an economically, environmentally and socially sustainable future for the Victorian forest and wood products industry. To learn more about VAFI, please visit their website vafi.org.au or call them on (03) 9611 9000.

FIAT logo

The Forest Industries Association of Tasmania (FIAT)

FIAT is an employer body that represents the interest of processors of Tasmanian forest products. FIAT believes that our quality of life is a function of a range of material and non-material factors. To learn more about FIAT, please visit their website fiatas.com.au or call them on (03) 6224 1033.

AFA Logo

The Australian Furniture Association (AFA)

AFA is a peak association which represents the interests of the furniture sector from raw material supply through to the end user. They focus on building competitive and sustainable business models. To learn more about AFA, please visit their website australianfurniture.org.au or call them on (03) 9856 1600.


The Frame and Truss Manufacturers Association of Australia (FTMA)

FTMA is an independent, national organisation representing fabricators or and suppliers to the pre-fabricated timber truss and wallframe industry. They provide a unified voice to protect and advance the industry. To learn more about FTMA Australia, please visit their website ftmaaustralia.com.au or call them on (03) 5962 3453.

Australian Cabinet and Furniture Association (ACFA)

ACFA’s primary role is to promote the viewpoints and interests of the furniture and furnishing related industries and to provide services to members in a broad range of areas including training, workplace relations, codes and standards. To learn more about ACFA, please visit their website acfa.net.au or call them on 1300 342 248.

MGA Independent Retailers | Timber Merchants Australia (MGA TMA)

MGA TMA’s primary role is to support its employer members with vital “back of house” areas of business that members may not have time, money or resources to focus on. MGA TMA (Timber Merchants Australia) is a distinct function within the MGA organisation. To learn more about MGA TMA, please visit their website mgatma.com.au or call them on 1800 888 479.

TCA Logo

Timber Communities Australia (TCA)

TCA provides a national umbrella network structure for members within timber communities across Australia. It represents and acts in the best interests of communities which are associated with forest and timber sectors in Australia. To learn more about TCA, please visit their website tca.org.au or call them on (02) 6282 2455.

AWA logo

The Australian Window Association (AWA)

AWA is made up of more than 500 window manufacturers and industry suppliers in Australia. They provide services to members that enhance their business opportunities and support their efforts. To learn more about AWA, please visit their website awa.org.au or call them on (02) 9498 2768.


The Engineered Wood Products Association of Australasia (EWPAA)

EWPAA provides technical information, advice on Australian and New Zealand building codes and standards, updates on forest and forest products certification and building materials performance. To learn more about EWPAA, please visit their website ewp.asn.au or call them on (07) 3250 3700.


The Australian Forest Contractors Association Ltd (AFCA)

AFCA is the national body for harvesting and haulage contractors to engage with other industry sectors, politicians and the general public. To learn more about AFCA, please visit their website afca.asn.au or call them on (03) 6343 3398.


The Australian Forest Products Association (AFPA)

AFPA is the peak industry body representing the pulp and paper, processing and resources industries. They represent all elements of the value chain from the sustainable harvesting of plantations and small pockets of our natural resource. To learn more about AFPA, please visit their website ausfpa.com.au or call them on (02) 6285 3833.

FIFWA logo

The Forest Industries Federation WA (FIFWA)

FIFWA represents the forest industry in Western Australia. Its core function is to negotiate with government on behalf of the industry. To learn more about FIFWA, please visit their website forestindustries.com.au or call them on (08) 9472 3055.