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Time to think ahead

The government has made a number of changes to superannuation this financial year, which are designed to improve the system for all Australians. While these changes may not affect you now, it’s important to be aware of them should your circumstances change in the future. Recent major changes to the super system include: changes to […]

Three out of four Australians believe a stylish home is the key to personal fulfilment. Do you aim to make your home Instagram worthy? Dream of having a lounge room that would sit proudly on Pinterest home decor? If you answered “yes” to these questions, you could be among the 76% of Australians who say […]

Retirement planning and superannuation in Australia dates back to the early 1900s. As is the case today, initial schemes were established to provide for people in retirement. Fast forward a century and the complexity of superannuation has spawned a whole new industry dedicated to growing and protecting savings wealth for use in later life, or […]

When thinking back to words of advice that you may have heard from your parents, or have even passed on to your children, what sticks in your mind? “Start saving whilst you are young,” is one of those recommendations that comes to mind and is one that is still used ad nauseam. Why? This advice […]

We put interest-only loans under the spotlight to explain the why, when and how this type of loan can be useful. You may be aware that interest-only loans came under the scrutiny of banking watchdog APRA early in 2017. In a bid to take the heat out of the property market and protect consumer interests, […]

Housing affordability is an ongoing concern for many Australians, and a hotly debated topic both socially and politically. Despite ongoing debate and speculation regarding future market performance, figures suggest a recent resurgence in first-home buyers. Notwithstanding growing competition resulting from the rise and rise of the property investor, first-home buyers are faced with the very […]

A raft of “buy now, pay later” options like Afterpay and zipPay are giving consumers the opportunity to take their purchases home immediately, and pay them off over time. But, there are downsides that shoppers must be aware of. Late fees can be costly Afterpay allows shoppers to link purchases to their debit or credit […]

The Australian federal government is increasing its efforts to encourage Australians to save for their retirement, amid growing reliance on the public purse for welfare support, including the Age Pension. According to the Association of Superannuation Funds of Australia (ASFA), the average super balance at retirement at December 2015, was $292,500 for men, $138,150 for […]