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Time to think ahead

Some critics label it a tax break for rich people. Others see it as a way of helping ordinary Australians get a foothold on the property ladder.So how do you know if negative gearing is a useful strategy for securing your financial future? In its simplest terms, negative gearing means enjoying a tax deduction on […]

Almost one-third of Australian workers are part time, up from 28 per cent a decade ago. For some it’s because it’s all that’s available to them, but for many others it’s a lifestyle choice. It might be to spend more time with pre-school children, it might be to care for a family member or it […]

Is salary sacrifice worth it?

Salary sacrificing has the dual benefits of reducing your taxable income and boosting your superannuation.

There’s nothing more irritating than a well-judged `I told you so’. But what if you could tell yourself so, using the benefit of hindsight?

What can you exactly claim on this years tax return? Not sure? Well here are some you may not have considered!

Here are 5 easy steps for you to control your super destiny!

While starting a new job is an exciting time, there are a number of considerations that come with stepping into a shiny new role.

Is super worth it?

It only takes two simple graphs to see just how big a role super could play in your retirement if you start making extra contributions earlier rather than later.