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Time to invest

While there is no need to use a lawyer to make an insurance claim through your super fund, some people decide to do so. That means it’s important to know when to involve a lawyer and what to watch out for when hiring a lawyer. There is no need to use a lawyer to lodge […]

Measures to tackle home affordability were a key focus of this year’s Federal Budget, along with a company tax cut, an increase in the Medicare levy, changes to school funding models and the introduction of a new bank levy. There were no other major superannuation changes announced, though it is worth keeping in mind that […]

If you don’t pay your credit card off each month, follow these simple steps to take control of debt.  Are you a ‘revolver’ or a ‘transactor’? Credit card holders can be largely divided into two camps – revolvers, who don’t pay off their card in full each month, and transactors, who always pay off their […]

Almost a third of Australian workers are being shortchanged on their super, a joint study by Industry Super Australia and Cbus report has claimed. The sheer scale of unpaid super is affecting thousands of a comfortable retirement and has prompted the Federal Government to investigate. Employers must contribute at least 9.5 per cent to the […]

Now is the time of year when many of us receive multiple super statements. We can think about rolling all of the accounts into one, but it may never happen. It somehow slipped into the too hard or too busy basket. When you receive more than one super statement, it’s time to consolidate. There are […]

Ask Andrew Jewell

Q: I have been notified by my Payroll department that I need to review my salary sacrifice contributions. Why do I need to do this? Your Payroll department is letting you know that you may need to change your salary sacrifice contributions so that you do not have to pay extra tax or incur penalty […]

Some critics label it a tax break for rich people. Others see it as a way of helping ordinary Australians get a foothold on the property ladder.So how do you know if negative gearing is a useful strategy for securing your financial future? In its simplest terms, negative gearing means enjoying a tax deduction on […]

Almost one-third of Australian workers are part time, up from 28 per cent a decade ago. For some it’s because it’s all that’s available to them, but for many others it’s a lifestyle choice. It might be to spend more time with pre-school children, it might be to care for a family member or it […]