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Our culture


This can be observed through the way:

  • that Trustees, staff and service providers give members’ interests primacy over their interests;
  • we understand who our members are and their aspirations;
  • member funds and resources are used and applied in an economic and prudent manner;
  • we are diligent and apply diligence to the task at hand;
  • we strive for exemplary governance both for ourselves and investments;
  • we contribute to and sustain a collective approach to investing; and
  • we are committed to the not-for-profit industry fund movement.

we value and safeguard our members’ capital

This can be observed through the way:

  • we set and implement investment strategy; and
  • we achieve the performance objectives for each member investment option.


We will always strive for excellence in what we do

This can be observed through the way that Trustees, staff and service providers:

  • are committed to developing and sustaining resilient organisational systems;
  • are encouraged to immediately report things that may not go to plan or are not going to plan;
  • use these reports to improve and ensure that we avoid repeating things not going to plan;
  • learn from others’ experiences and apply those to our systems;
  • care about the welfare of the people with whom we work and interact with; and
  • have and demonstrate integrity and honesty.