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Follow one simple step to keep holiday spending under control. The colder months are upon us, which means plenty of Australians will be embarking on some budget travel. Making plans and preparations for an overseas holiday is all part of the fun. But all too often good financial hygiene flies out the window when we’re travelling, […]

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Moving a loved one into aged care can be an emotional time for families. Finding a facility that provides the right balance of care and independence at an affordable cost presents challenges. There are key issues families should be aware of before taking this important step. A well-researched choice will help avoid stress and ease […]

Time to enjoy     Time to invest     News & Media     

Some people find writing a will too difficult to contemplate, while others have simply never made the time. The reality is, it’s an issue that anyone who wants control over their finances after they die should confront. Like instruction manuals, wills are a step-by-step guide on how your assets should be handled. Dying without a […]

When thinking back to words of advice that you may have heard from your parents, or have even passed on to your children, what sticks in your mind? “Start saving whilst you are young,” is one of those recommendations that comes to mind and is one that is still used ad nauseam. Why? This advice […]

We put interest-only loans under the spotlight to explain the why, when and how this type of loan can be useful. You may be aware that interest-only loans came under the scrutiny of banking watchdog APRA early in 2017. In a bid to take the heat out of the property market and protect consumer interests, […]

A raft of “buy now, pay later” options like Afterpay and zipPay are giving consumers the opportunity to take their purchases home immediately, and pay them off over time. But, there are downsides that shoppers must be aware of. Late fees can be costly Afterpay allows shoppers to link purchases to their debit or credit […]

The Australian federal government is increasing its efforts to encourage Australians to save for their retirement, amid growing reliance on the public purse for welfare support, including the Age Pension. According to the Association of Superannuation Funds of Australia (ASFA), the average super balance at retirement at December 2015, was $292,500 for men, $138,150 for […]

When it comes to saving money it pays to sweat the small stuff. A raft of everyday banking fees could be gouging a hole in your finances. It pays to get serious about bank fees. We explain what to watch out for to put valuable cash back in your pocket each year. Fees can start […]